Embracing Failure

that's ok!

macrophotography of cracked glass screen

A lot of people struggle to accept failures. We will fail once in a while and that's ok.

It is what we do with our failure that shapes who we are.

My first “big” failure

I was twelve years old and I would compete in the chess tournament of my city, however, I forget my ID so I couldn't participate in it. I've played chess against a checkers player and I lost so easily.

This event was a turning point that showed me that I needed to practice a lot to be able to go well in the tournament.

In the next year, I won the first position in my city.

Failing some exams

In Brazil we need to take an exam to go into public technical schools, they are good and free here but also hard to get into.

The first exam that I've tried was ETEC (São Paulo State Technical School). I've got only 23 questions out of 50 and I didn't pass on it.

Once again, I used this event to understand that I needed to study even harder to be able to pass in the exam.

I've tried to get into Software Development at IFSP (Federal Institute of São Paulo), and this time I got in the first place in the exam. It was there that I've started improving my development skills coding some games in Pascal.

I've applied to 3 big public colleges in Brazil: USP (University of São Paulo), UNESP (Paulista State University), and Unicamp (University of Campinas). They have 2 phases of exams, the first one was Unicamp where I didn't pass the first phase \o/.

After the first result, I've pushed a bit harder on studying and I've got in the first place at UNESP and also got into USP.

I've decided to go to USP because it is better and it was closer to my home city.

More “failures”

I can go on and on with all my failures, but I think the last one that changed a lot about me was when I've tried to build a chat app and I've struggled so much that I've tested most of the languages to make sure I was not using the wrong tool.

After this, I've found React Native that let me built the chat app. That led me to created React SP meetup to find more developers working on React and React Native, and now we have more than 10k developers in our community.

It also led me to find Rafael to build Entria Tech.

Reply with failures that took you to the next level