Why I review every single Pull Request

and you should too

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When working in a team, every developer opens many pull requests throughout the day to ask for feedback about the code they are working on to implement a new feature or fix a bug.

This process usually happens among 1 reviewed and N reviewers.

Reviewers will approve, comment to improve the code, or request changes if something is not right.

The reviewed will merge if approved or improve/fix the code based on the feedback of the code review.

Most articles focus on the benefits for the developer that got the code reviewed, I want to focus on the benefits of doing many pull requests daily.

Why do I review?

I don't review every single pull request of my team because I don't trust them. Otherwise, I review them because I know I will learn something new.

I review to learn how to solve some problems that I don't have yet, so I will be more prepared if the same bug or same improvement happened again.

When I want to learn more about an Open Source project. I watch them on GitHub and review most of the issues, pull requests, and commits.